Darrell Brooks: Georgia Arrest While Out On Milwaukee Bail – Wisconsin Right Now

Serious felony charges didn’t keep him in jail and a “congested” court system delayed trial. Now it turns out that Darrell Brooks got in trouble in Georgia but remained out on $500 bail from Milwaukee County.

It keeps getting worse. It turns out that Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks was arrested in Georgia for battery (family violence) in May 2021 – WHILE he was out on $500 in a Milwaukee felony shooting case.

Yet nothing happened to him here; in fact, even after he was accused of a new felony in Milwaukee County a few days before the Waukesha parade attack – for running a woman over in a gas station – Brooks was released again, this time on $1,000 bail.

That’s not all. It turns out that Brooks was also wanted on an active warrant out of Nevada since 2016 for being a non-compliant registered sex offender.

Both of these revelations came up in court on Nov. 23, 2021, as District Attorney Sue Opper argued successfully for a $5 million bail against Brooks. The court commissioner, Kevin Costello, granted the bail request.

“There are not words to describe the risks this defendant presents to our community,” Opper said in court.

Costello said that Brooks received “smallish bails” despite having a criminal background in “multiple states, including violent offenses and the pending cases. He said that Brooks “doesn’t follow the rules, the orders of society.”

But there’s mounting evidence that the court system failed in its mandate to protect public safety by repeatedly releasing Brooks, and it doesn’t seem like different states are talking to each other.

Opper said she’s not sure whether Brooks was convicted in the Georgia case, although he told a jail official he spent six months in jail. However, Wisconsin court records show he was still appearing in court on his pending 2020 felony

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