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Serious felony charges didn’t keep him in jail and a “congested” court system delayed trial.

Milwaukee County’s backlogged court system is responsible for the man in custody in the Waukesha parade massacre remaining on the streets more than a year after he was charged with serious felonies, including a gun offense, Wisconsin Right Now has learned.

We’ve learned from scanner audio and other law enforcement sources that the man in custody in the parade horror is Darrell Brooks Jr. National news outlets have now confirmed what we reported last night – that Brooks is the person of interest.

Darrell Brooks criminal record: He has two open felony cases in Milwaukee County and a lengthy string of criminal arrests across multiple counties and states. He also has a social media history with posts about BLM and against Scott Walker and other politicians. He also had anti-police rhetoric. This thread rounds up the posts, which are now deleted.

THREAD: #Waukesha #BLM Darrell Edward Brooks Jr.

He is an admitted child sex trafficker. pic.twitter.com/h1O7Ef8Xr6

— The Cocaína (@MrNukemCocaine) November 22, 2021

Read the criminal complaints here for both open cases:

Criminal Complaint; 2021CF004596; Brooks, Darrell Edward, Jr_16180658_1

Criminal Complaint; 2020CF002550; Brooks, Darrell Edward, Jr_12731163_1

He’s a 39-year-old felon from Milwaukee County, and the Milwaukee Court system suspended his speedy trial rights due to “court congestion,” releasing him on $500 bail even though he was facing serious weapons and other felony charges.

In his most recent case, court records accuse him of trying to run a woman over in a gas station parking lot following an argument.

Then, even though he was socked with a string of new felony charges, he was released again – on $1,000 bail – three days before the parade massacre.

Police haven’t named the Waukesha parade suspect, and the Waukesha police chief would say only that they have a person of interest.

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