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Thanksgiving ranks among one of the top five cannabis sales days of the year, but the day before, otherwise known as Green Wednesday ranks even higher on the charts.

Hanu Labs

How big a deal is it? Green Wednesday was the single biggest cannabis sales day of 2020, with an 80 percent increase in daily sales, beating out Black Friday for the first time in four years. Cannabis consumers spent approximately $238 million during the 2020 Thanksgiving weekend with flower making up over 46 percent of the sales, followed by vape pens (30 percent), and concentrates (13 percent).

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, not only can we anticipate slipping into our stretchy pants for a feast, we can also plan for a trip to the dispensary to ‘stock up’ for winter—or prep for the stressful holidays with calming CBD products. No matter what your heart desires, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of holiday savings. We’ve curated a list of discounted gift ideas or specials starting this week, until the end of the month. 

Discounted Gifts and Gadgets 

Moose Labs

Image credit: Moose Labs

Moose Labs is the creator of the MouthPeace ($9.99) a physician-backed germ-preventing device designed to fit joints, vape pens, bongs, or bowls for a safer experience. MouthPeaces and other accessories from Moose Labs will be 20 percent off for Green Wednesday, and 25 percent off on Black Friday. On Thanksgiving day, Moose Labs is offering a free limited-edition Moose Labs pin with every $30 purchase. Moose Labs is also hosting a Cyber Monday Scavenger Hunt, with hidden discount codes dispersed throughout the website, ranging from 5%-50% off. Clues can be found on the Moose Labs Instagram (@mooselabs), and via ema

Hanu Labs 

Hanu Labs, a minority-owned company that makes

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