Curtis Blaydes says ‘it’s about time’ USADA stopped punishing fighters for marijuana – MMA Fighting

Curtis Blaydes knows his UFC record should stand at 10-2 but instead he’s only credited with nine wins, two losses and one no contest after one of his victories was taken away.

The win wasn’t eradicated from his record because he did something illegal during the fight or got busted for using steroids. No, Blaydes tested positive for marijuana over 15ng/mL in the state of Texas during a second-round TKO victory against Adam Milstead in his second appearance in the UFC.

State commissions are able to set their own thresholds for drug testing policies like the one that cost Blaydes his win. To put that amount in comparison, Nevada only punishes fighters for testing positive for marijuana over 150ng/mL — 10 times higher than the state of Texas.

Just recently, the UFC and the United States Anti-Doping Agency went one step further by announcing that fighters would no longer suffer any punishment for marijuana under the new terms of the anti-doping policy in the promotion. Now the UFC’s anti-doping policy only covers fighters tested by USADA, which means state athletic commissions can still hand down their own punishments for a positive marijuana test but the new rule has been praised by athletes in the promotion — including Blaydes.

“I thought it’s about time,” Blaydes said about the rule change when speaking to MMA Fighting. “It’s not a big deal and it hasn’t ever been a big deal. It’s just an archaic group of people at the top who didn’t understand that weed isn’t the issue.

“Weed isn’t going to help you beat someone. If anything, it’s going to hurt you but it’s not going to help you.”

Jeff Novitzky, the UFC’s vice president of athlete health and performance, was a strong proponent for the rule change made with the anti-doping

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