CURLF: Is Curaleaf Holdings Poised to Move Higher? –

<!– CURLF: Is Curaleaf Holdings Poised to Move Higher? Federal legalization remains elusive New York State is another story The Feds will act sooner rather than later to open the market CURLF- The trend is bullish, and analysts love this company The need for revenues is bullish for weed stocks 

Nevada legalized marijuana for recreational use on January 1, 2017. The aroma of pot is everywhere in Las Vegas these days. While casinos prohibit weed smoking on the premises, parking lots and streets outside are often thick with the scent. Nevada is one of the growing numbers of states that realize legalization is a revenue source. Moreover, making pot available in regulated dispensaries reduces the nefarious sales channels.

The growth of the pot business in the US has been steady as more states allow recreational and medical consumption. The main roadblock to making the weed business mainstream is federal laws that continue to classify marijuana as a schedule one drug.

The classification creates problems for the pot business as it excludes it from banks and other financing channels. It also makes it a cash business as credit cards cannot be used for purchases. Many burgeoning weed businesses celebrated

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