Curaleaf Launches 'Select Squeeze' THC-Infused Beverage Enhancers – THCnet

Curaleaf, the world’s largest cannabis company, has lifted the curtain on a new “THC-infused beverage enhancer” called Select Squeeze.

Similar to liquid water enhancers like MiO, which consumers can purchase at the grocery store, Curaleaf’s new Select Squeeze product is intended be transform any drink into a THC-infused beverage.

In a news release, Curaleaf said the new product would hit marijuana dispensaries in nine states — Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah and Vermont — this week.

Retail cannabis shops in five additional states — California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada and Ohio — will receive the Select Squeeze line in April.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch Select Squeeze across multiple states, as this new product not only addresses the rising market demand for edibles and beverage products but also underscores the mainstream adoption of cannabis products across a diverse array of U.S. consumers,” Curaleaf CEO Joe Bayern said via the release.

Curaleaf’s new THC-infused beverage enhancers use nano-emulsification technology that turns cannabis oil into tiny water-soluble molecules, allowing the product to dissolve in water more easily and be absorbed into a drinker’s bloodstream more efficiently.

Onset times, according to Curaleaf, will range between 15 and 30 minutes.

The Squeeze line comes in four flavors: Lemon-Lime, Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, and Hint of Sweet.

Photos of the new offerings shared by the company across social media indicate that 30 mL packages contain 150 milligrams of THC.

However, phone calls placed to two Curaleaf dispensaries in Massachusetts revealed that 20 mL bottles containing 100mg of THC are also being sold.

Curaleaf suggests augmenting beverages with a 5mg dose, or a single mL drop, which can be measured via a proprietary bottle that features a “unique fill-and-pour reservoir.”

“The compact design also makes it ideal for discreet enjoyment on the go,” the

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