Crop Secures THC License Portfolio at New 1000 Acre Farm for Cultivation, Extraction, Commercial Kitchen and Retail – Markets Insider

VANCOUVER, Sept. 26, 2018 /CNW/ – CROP INFRASTRUCTURE CORP. (CSE: CROP) (OTC: CRXPF) announces that its subsidiary Elite Ventures Group LLC has signed a joint venture agreement with The Hempire LLC of Nevada (the “Tenant”) to purchase a 100% interest in an 1,000 acre Esmeralda County agricultural cannabis project tenanted with a suite of cannabis licenses including medical cultivation, medical production and with adult use recreational cultivation & production conditional licenses as well as an option to acquire a retail dispensary application assigned to a strategic location on highway 95 on route to Las Vegas. CROP has agreed to loan up to $4,250,000 USD over a period of the next 6 months to acquire 100% of the initial 10 acres of real estate and associated infrastructure with the additional 1,000 acres being paid for at a cost of $4,500,000 over a 20-year amortization period at 6% interest with a 3-year balloon payment. CROP will receive preferential payback on the project at a rate of 60% of the net profits from Elite.

Esmerelda County is one of the only jurisdictions in Nevada where climate and zoning allows for greenhouse or outdoor growing. This will be significant for our tenant growers and brand licensee to be able to provide high quality product on a large scale at the lowest cost possible, keeping with CROP’s strategy.

The initial set up costs of outdoor 80-acre operation will be approximately $1,200,000 and should yield tenants 160,000 pounds of outdoor cannabis for extraction and edibles and a 44,000 square foot light supplemented greenhouse facility at a cost of $2.0 Million. The greenhouse facility should yield tenants 24,000 pounds of high quality flower per year with an additional 25% for extraction and edibles. The project can be expanded up to 300 acres of combined greenhouse and outdoor

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