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Ever come up with a joke or an idea that seemed great, only to find out that someone else had thought of the same thing? While the discovery doesn’t kill every original fiber in your body, it’s pretty deflating — and just about unavoidable in capitalism. Consider the craft-beer industry, which is so heavy on pun-filled names that lawsuits and cease-and-desists have created lifelong enemies within it. If cannabis genetics and names could be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, there’d be plenty of assholes lining up with legal action in this field, too.

But because the plant is still federally illegal, finding strains with the same name (but differing genetics) is common. And when you’re breeding from a popular strain like Gorilla Glue, limited iterations are sure to cross paths in the naming process. For example, Crazy Glue is a hybrid of Gorilla Glue with two different origins — neither of them Superglue, another branch on the Gorilla Glue tree. One version of Crazy Glue carries Super Silver Haze and Chemdog influences, while our hometown version is bred from Bubba Kush. While I’ve never seen a cut of the former, this particular Crazy Glue could still be out there, as could other versions with different genetics and the same name. At least the creators were innovative enough to change the “K” to a “C” so that Crazy Glue didn’t get stuck with a lawsuit filed by its adhesive inspiration. (Sound familiar? A Nevada cannabis company did get spanked by the Gorilla Glue company for trademark infringement and had to settle back in 2017.)

Colorado’s Crazy Glue, a child of the Bank Genetics, is known for taking users on a bungee jump: One minute you’re falling down a pit of stony confusion, the next you’re ready to clean

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