County allows NMM to skip landscaping around factory – Mohave Valley News

LAUGHLIN — The Clark County Board of Commissioners has approved a request by Nevada Made Marijuana in Laughlin to skip the mandated landscaping usually required for marijuana outlets in the Silver state due to the fact that the location in question cannot be seen from any roadway, thus making the mandate pointless.

The board did, however, state that NMM must landscape along Casino Drive. Both parties are in agreement.

At a recent Laughlin Town Advisory Board meeting, the final word came down from the Clark County Board of Commissioners that Nevada Made Marijuana on Casino Drive in Laughlin was allowed to skip the mandated landscaping that marijuana dispensaries must undertake according to Nevada state law regarding such businesses. 

The business has a grow facility located along Thomas Edison Drive across the street from the Laughlin Event Park. That grow facility is on a hill and back off from the roadway far enough that nobody actually can see the facility from the roadway, hence the request forwarded through the LTAB to allow the facility to forgo the regular requirements of landscaping to beautify such business outlets to the public. The business had sought an injunction on the requirement via the LTAB, which recommended approval of the allowance and sent the issue up the line for judgment by the Clark County Board of Commissioners. The board voted to allow the concession based on the empirical evidence of the facility’s location in relation to the roadway and public view.

The commission did, however, keep in place the mandate that NMM must landscape in front of their actual dispensary at Casino Drive and Bruce Woodbury Drive in Laughlin. The dispensary has agreed to that upgrade and will be adding more landscaping to that which is already in place in front of the store located

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