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In May 2020, Berner lost over a million dollars of cannabis product when outraged protesters raided one of his Cookies dispensaries in reaction to the killing of George Floyd. 

His immediate, candid response captures why he’s been so successful and the confidence he puts in his brand:

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“It’s extremely unfortunate what happened to our store tonight on Melrose. But as a human living in the world we’re living in today, I cannot expect anything less until justice is served. We can rebuild our store, but you cannot bring someone back to life.”

“How can I worry about a store when there is so much more going on in the world right now? So much hate, so much anger, so much pain, and a lack of justice,” he continued. 

Not everyone might agree with Berner’s decision to stand with the people who raided his store. But his dissenters aren’t the people Berner was trying to connect with – he was reaching out to his fans, many of whom identify with the hip hop community and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Berner understands his market, constantly innovates to meet their needs, and takes a hands-on approach to all aspects of his business. In exchange, he’s seen what used to be just a few ideas blossom into something tangible: hundreds of thousands of dollars of income every month. 

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Keep reading to learn how this high school drop-out turned cannabis from a side hustle to a full-on movement. 

Who is Gilam Milam Jr.?

Gilam Milam Jr., famously known as Berner, is an American rapper and cannabis entrepreneur. 

Born in 1981, Berner is the child of a first-generation Mexican immigrant father and an Italian mother.

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