Connecticut plans to prioritize the black community in the legalized marijuana industry –

Connecticut is pursuing an initiative to prioritize the black and brown communities in distributing business licenses for recreational marijuana. This states that state leaders can help correct historic fraud.

Democratic Governor Ned Lamont convened the first meeting of the state’s Council of Social Justice on Thursday. This helps determine who can participate in the legitimate weed cannabis.

Connecticut became the 19th state to legalize recreational marijuana last month and is expected to go on sale in July next year, requiring measures to prioritize the most hit communities in the drug war. ..

“We will finally have a way to create wealth within the black and brown community. WTNH-TV was the first meeting of the council, Joseph Williams of the UConn Small Business Development Center said. I think it’s a real opportunity to see 40 acres and our ancestral mules.

The Connecticut Council for Social Equity met Thursday to begin setting rules on who will be prioritized in licensing newly legalized recreational marijuana.

Democratic Governor Ned Lamont vowed to “break down the barriers of many black and brown people who were traditionally and unfairly not given table seats.”

The map shows Connecticut’s “Disproportionately Affected Community” approved by the Social Equity Council on marijuana dispensing license priorities.

40 acres and mules: Abraham Lincoln’s promise to former slaves

The concept of “40 acres and mules” dates back to the Civil War, where land was proposed as a form of compensation for the liberated former slaves.

In January 1865, General William T. Sherman issued Special Field Order No. 15 confiscating the 400,000 acres of

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