Connecticut plans to give black communities priority in legalized marijuana industry – Daily Mail

‘The new 40 acres and a mule’: Connecticut plans to give black people a head start in legalized marijuana dispensaries in ‘equity’ driveConnecticut’s Social Equity Council met for the first time on ThursdayPanel will decide who gets priority in licensing for legal weed dispensariesGroup approved map of ‘disproportionately impacted areas’ to prioritizeOne black business expert compares it to ’40 acres and a mule’ for communityOther states with similar initiatives include Illinois, California and Michigan 

Connecticut is moving ahead with an initiative to prioritize black and brown communities in the distribution of business licenses for recreational marijuana, which state leaders say will help remedy historic injustices.

Governor Ned Lamont, a Democrat, on Thursday convened the first meeting of the state’s Social Equity Council, which will help decide who can take part in the bonanza of legal weed.

Connecticut last month became the 19th state to legalize recreational marijuana, with sales set to begin next July, and the new law mandates steps to prioritize communities that were hardest hit by the war on drugs.

‘We’ll finally have, within the community of black and brown, a way to wealth creation. I think this is the opportunity to truly see the 40-acres and a mule of our ancestors,’ said Joseph Williams, UConn Small Business Development Center, at the council’s first meeting, WTNH-TV reported.

Connecticut’s Social Equity Council met on Thursday to begin setting rules for who will take precedence in licensing for newly legalized recreational marijuana

Governor Ned Lamont, a Democrat, vowed to ‘break down barriers for a lot of Black & Brown folks who have traditionally, and

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