Confronting a rise in youth vaping, experts strategize on actions for prevention – The Nevada Independent

Public health officials have set their sights on raising the minimum legal sale age of tobacco products to 21, providing clearer labeling for cannabis products, improving youth education on cannabis and vaping and gathering more data on cannabis use. 

The strategies emerged from the Nevada Public Health Cannabis and Vaping Summit, a three-day virtual gathering of research and regulatory experts, policy makers, and others convened by the attorney general’s office and state health officials. The summit has come at a pivotal moment in the state’s public health efforts, with youth vaping on a significant rise and the Cannabis Compliance Board established less than eight months ago to improve regulation of marijuana.

The approximately 200 strategies crafted by the expert speakers and summit participants will form the foundation of an action plan that will be submitted to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) on Feb. 15 and will not include specific goals, but instead, will provide a set of tactics segmented by the five main tracks of the summit, which focused on cannabis prevention, tobacco products, cannabis and vaping regulation, law enforcement, and special populations. 

“This is intended to be a menu for you and for all of the stakeholder groups, so that you can identify needs and opportunities and use the action plan in whatever way serves you or your organization,” said Kelly Marschall, president of Social Entrepreneurs, Inc., who served as the primary moderator during the summit.

The action plan could potentially help get Nevada back on track with some of its efforts to curb youth vaping, as the state had been focused on combating the increasing uses of e-vapor products prior to the pandemic. That included joining an investigation into vape-maker JUUL over whether the company targeted youth.

Many of the strategies identified as higher priorities

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