Concerned Australis Shareholders Outline Strategy to Grow Core Cannabis Business and Preserve Shareholder Value – Canada NewsWire

Australis shareholders who are supportive of Board change are encouraged to contact Laurel Hill Advisory Group at 1-877-452-7184, or [email protected] to register their support.

TORONTO, Sept. 24, 2020 /CNW/ – Terry Booth, Lola Ventures Inc., Roger Sykes, 1703469 Alberta Ltd., Duke Fu, Green Therapeutics LLC and Jason Dyck (the “Concerned Shareholders“) each of whom is a shareholder of Australis Capital Inc. (“Australis” or the “Company“) (CSE: AUSA) are pleased to outline their strategy to return Australis to its cannabis roots and preserve shareholder value. 

The mandate of Australis has always been the pursuit of cannabis opportunities in the United States. However, Australis has lost its way under the misguided stewardship of the current board of directors (the “Incumbent Board“) and shareholders have suffered as the result. The Concerned Shareholders still believe passionately that a bright future for Australis can be achieved, however, only under the leadership of a new board. With a track record of a series of failed transactions and careless expenditure of shareholders’ capital without generating any meaningful revenue, the Incumbent Board has demonstrated a complete lack of vision and inability to execute. Regardless of what opportunities the Incumbent Board may bring forward at this late date, how can shareholders have any confidence in their ability to capitalize on growth initiatives, no matter how attractive they appear to be? The time for real change is now. In contrast to the Incumbent Board, the Concerned Shareholders have a plan ready to be implemented that will get Australis back on track to finally becoming a U.S. cannabis powerhouse.


Since the inception of Australis, the U.S. cannabis landscape has changed rapidly. The Concerned Shareholders have a vision for the future, taking into account the shifting environment due to competitive pressures, capital scarcity, political developments and the COVID-19

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