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My wife and I entered into the cannabis business for two reasons. First, we learned of the beneficial effects of cannabis for our daughter, who had pancreatitis and could either use opiates or THC to alleviate the pain. We also subsequently learned of its benefits for many other conditions, including cancer, arthritis, PTSD for our veterans, epilepsy and so many other health care issues. Second, we entered because we run the only free and charitable health care clinic in Nevada, Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, and we intended that the cannabis sale proceeds would benefit our patient population and other nonprofits in our community that serve the underserved. Our services include medical, dental and mental health care. Last year, the Volunteers in Medicine clinic served over 8,000 patient visits and distributed over $3 million in medications.

We started the clinic upon my wife’s aspiration to provide health care to those who have no access. The coroner was tagging many individuals as natural deaths due to heart attacks, diabetic comas, strokes, etc. We knew these were not natural deaths; these were deaths that could have been prevented if these people had access to health care. Over 250,000 of our fellow Nevadans do not have access to any form of health care.

In an effort to create additional financing assistance for the clinic’s needs and other nonprofits, we entered the cannabis business to ensure a long-term revenue stream. We are part of an entity that won three dispensary licenses under the state supervised application process. We were elated and ready to see our proceeds go to work for the underserved. But there were those who failed to win a license under the

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