Checking In On The State Of Cannabis Edibles With Kanha Co-Founder Cameron Clarke – Forbes

Since those on social media platforms and cable news networks are once again speculating about the urban legend of cannabis-infused edible gummies ending up in childrens’ Halloween candy supplies, it seems like a good time to check in on the actual legal cannabis edibles market.

Spoiler alert: the edibles category is soaring. According to data firm Headset, edibles have seen a 29% increase in sales this year. The firm also projects total sales to clock in at $2.3 billion across the United States for 2021. It’s safe to say things are going down smoothly in the edibles world.

Solid growth and good growth potential have set the stage for a check-in with co-founder of Sunderstorm’s gummy line, Kanha, which makes some of the top-selling edibles in California. Clarke discussed gummies, nanoemulsion technology, Burning Man, the future of the product category, and much more.

We were both big advocates of plant medicines, community, and alternative lifestyles so it was an obvious new path for us both. I called him up and reminded him that all of our life experiences would help us build a successful company in cannabis and that’s what we have done.

JB: Can you tell us a bit more about Kanha gummies and how they differ from other brands in the edibles space?

CC: As I mentioned, I have a science background and I’m also very sensitive to cannabis. So I wanted to build an edibles brand that consumers could trust with the right ingredients, reliable experiences, and leveraging beneficial technology that has been proven safe for consumption.  We are the first company in cannabis to sell a nano-technology fast-acting ingestible in 2015 and have been the pioneers of fast-acting edibles ever since. Our Kanha Nano gummies are known for their amazingly fast onset. 


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