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For Tina Ulman, the journey toward cannabis legalization was personal.

“One too many people in my life lost their life to addiction and imprisonment for unjust drug policy,” she said, “and I am determined to help change the system for the next person who might also experience similar events.”

So far, the efforts of the legalization movement are bearing fruit, and Ulman has been a leader in mapping out the next steps for Nevada and the country.

As a co-founder and president of the Chamber of Cannabis, and brand manager for Old Pal, Ulman is helping make the industry more inclusive. The chamber was founded in October to foster resources and connections, and build relationships with political and judicial leaders. It has already scored major victories in the state.

Do you have any recent news to share?

This year we led the campaign to pass Assembly Bill 341, Cannabis Consumption Lounge Legalization, and AB400, Cannabis DUI Reform. We were also able to unite and elevate our cannabis community when most everyone felt disconnected and anxious. Nothing has been more fulfilling and needed for our mental health.

Why is the cannabis industry important to you?

This plant has the ability to positively impact minds, bodies and economies like nothing we have ever legalized before. We have embarked on a “Green Revolution,” and it’s imperative for people in the industry to operate with conscious capitalism and recognize it is a privilege to be in this space. Thousands of people have spent years in prison for cannabis, and now that we have the opportunity to create a thriving industry, we need to do it right and well, and not just what benefits the rich and well-connected.

The industry has enjoyed some major victories in recent years after decades of activism. What are the

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