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Cannabis is so powerful that it’s transformed Valentine’s Day. Single or taken? Who cares? There’s infused chocolate, friends, and enough of it to ensure that no person should ever be unhappy on Valentine’s Day regardless of their dating status. We’re talking fancy truffles, gourmet bars, caramels, bon bons; in fact, if your heart can dream it, chances are someone’s out there making it right now.

In honor of Valentine’s, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best cannabis chocolates out there. You’ll find your standard THC edibles as well as CBD options for a more mellowed out experience. No matter what you choose, be prepared: the contents that follow are extremely tantalizing and may just give you a case of the munchies.

Peak Extracts Strain Specific Chocolate Bars (Courtesy of Peak Extracts)

Check these menus for it (Oregon):

I will never ever stop bragging about how much I love Peak Extracts—especially their Strain Specific Chocolate Bars. They’re very helpfully sorted based on color, and each bar is 70% dark chocolate couverture, vegan, and rich with antioxidants. The experience you’ll get from eating a bar is out of this world thanks to Peak’s unique extraction process, a technique that allows them to preserve the natural terpenes in every cultivar.


The Leafly Guide to Pairing Cannabis and Chocolate

Binske Chocolate Bars

Available in:  California, Nevada, Colorado, and Florida

When it comes to getting the real deal chocolate, Binske is as good as it gets. These luxury bars utilize Peruvian Nacional Cacao, a rare cocoa bean that was lost for 100 years and only recently rediscovered in 2008. Named “rarest cacao in the world” by The New York Times, these 100mg bars deliver a dose of smooth, velvety chocolate at its finest. They’re

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