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Is Hemp CBD oil is legal in Maryland?

Starting with the good news, the CBD-rich extracts of the hemp plant are completely legal in the state of Maryland. Tons of shops in the state carry the stuff, especially in the larger cities such as Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Rockville. Furthermore, CBD products of all ilk can also be purchased online.

As we mentioned, according to the FDA, the selling of CBD edibles is a no-no. Regardless of the fact that it might not be kosher for CBD companies to be making edibles, there is no law against you possessing them in the state of Maryland.

So, you can buy and use hemp-derived CBD products until your heart’s content. The only thing you’ll be missing out on is a little THC. But depending on your state of health it might make enough of a difference to look into jumping on board the state’s medical marijuana program.

Hemp CBD Oil vs. Marijuana-Derived Cannabis Oil

For all intents and purposes, the term “CBD oil” is generally used to refer to products made with the extracts of hemp, while the THC-containing extracts of marijuana are referred to as “cannabis oil” regardless of how little or how much CBD is actually in them. Some cannabis oils are high in TCH, some are low in THC and high in CBD, and some have a balance of both THC and CBD. Hemp CBD oil, just to reiterate, has negligible levels of THC — levels low enough that it would take the consumption of impossibly massive quantities of the stuff to cause a buzz.

The distinction we mentioned earlier between different types of CBD oil and their legal status comes down to one factor. That is the levels of cannabinoids present in the product. The two cannabinoids that we speak of specifically are delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol, or CBD. THC is the compound produced in marijuana that causes users to feel intoxicated and euphoric, and it’s also the compound to blame for all the fuss and controversy surrounding marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, although it provide substantial medicinal benefits, does not get you high.

Simply, if the levels of THC produced in the plant are above 0.3% by dry weight, then the plant is legally referred to as marijuana. And if the THC level falls below that level, the crop is legally referred to as hemp. But both hemp and marijuana are technically the same plant — Cannabis sativa.

So the point of all of this is that while hemp, as of late, falls under the auspices of state and federal departments of agriculture, marijuana is a much more complex matter.

After 80 years with its collective head up its proverbial hiney, the federal government has finally started to come around and get real about cannabis — beginning with hemp. The first shoe fell in 2014 during the Obama administration when congress passed a limited hemp pilot program law which allowed some states to implement experimental hemp cultivation programs. The second shoe fell at the end of 2018 when hemp was legalized altogether at the federal level — albeit with restrictions. Along with hemp, CBD oil also became federally legal.

Although there are still quite a few “Reefer Madness” zombies running around in Washington, the future looks bright for the loosening of the federal government’s grip on marijuana with a potential transfer or regulatory power to individual states — the very states that are already doing whatever they want with marijuana anyway.

Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Maryland

The possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes has been legal in the state of Maryland since 2014 — if you qualify. State certified medical marijuana docs can provide a written certification for anyone they deem can benefit from using cannabis. In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card and get yourself some THC, you’ll have to jump through some hoops, pay some fees, register with the state, buy only from licensed dispensaries, and limit your purchases to avoid legal hassles.

In order to qualify for legal protections and get a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor, you must be legitimately diagnosed with a severe, debilitating, and or life-threatening health disorder. In many states, lawmakers have taken it upon themselves to determine which medical conditions can benefit from treatment with marijuana. Fortunately for Marylanders, lawmakers have left this choice up to doctors. However, the law does specifically mention some conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, seizures, and muscle spasms. So far, more than 500 medical health professionals have been certified by the state to make that call.

So once you’re approved for medical marijuana, where do you get the stuff? More than 100 medical marijuana dispensaries have been licensed to operate in the state, but not all are up and running as of the time of writing. A maximum of two dispensaries are allowed per district.

Many of you are probably thinking to yourself that you don’t really need a medical marijuana card and don’t have to buy weed at a licensed dispensary. You can just get it from your local dealer like you always have, right?

First of all, we doubt your local dealer carries a large selection of high CBD cannabis oils if any at all. Second, because recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Maryland, there are some penalties — both federal and state — if you get caught going the black market route. That being said, penalties for possession are relatively light in Maryland. Possession of under 10 grams of marijuana might result in a fine of up to $100 upon first offense. But anything over 10 grams and up to 50 pounds could bring up to a year in prison and/or up to $1,000 fine. And be careful. Ten grams ain’t much. It’s not even half an ounce.

Maryland hemp CBD FAQ | 2022

Do You Really Need The THC?

So CBD oil = easy. And cannabis oil with THC = not so easy, and illegal if you’re not a medical patient. The question becomes, aside from using it just for kicks, do you really need the THC? Does the addition of THC to the formula actually make the oils perform better in medical applications? That depends.

There are some conditions where no THC or very low levels of THC are beneficial. For instance, one of the most common reasons that people give for using CBD oil is to reduce stress and anxiety. Interestingly, above certain levels — and this is different for everyone — THC actually increases anxiety and can even result in extreme paranoia. However, below that level, a little bit of a happy buzz does help some people relax and take the edge off their day. Regardless, if you don’t have a doctor that’s willing to recommend marijuana for taking the edge off your day, and you don’t have a condition such as GAD, PTSD, SAD, OCD, and so on and so forth you might do quite well with the legal, THC-free hemp CBD oils.

When it comes to neurological issues such as seizures and muscle spasms, most experts and patients will tell you that oils with some THC will provide better results. However, there are plenty of patients that do really well without the THC. As a matter of fact, last year the FDA approved a drug called Epidiolex for treating seizures which is essentially pure CBD with zero THC. In order for this to happen, the drug had to go through multiple clinical trials to prove that it works and is safe. It does, and it is.

Because cannabinoids affect different people in different ways, the same principle holds true for pretty much all medical conditions. Some people will find that a little THC goes a long way toward relieving their symptoms, others claim they do just fine without it. If you’re condition is such that you believe you can get a medical recommendation for cannabis oil then you might give it a try. If you’re just taking CBD oil for general health and wellbeing, then you’re probably better off staying away from the THC.

Aside from the issue of possession laws, there are other reasons to avoid cannabis oils with THC. For example, maybe you absolutely don’t want your consciousness altered. Also, using products containing THC can result in failing a drug test or even a roadside sobriety test which can cost you a job, or your driver’s license and turn into a very expensive proposition.

What medical conditions Helped with CBD

Some of the medical conditions in Maryland which are commonly treated with CBD oil include the following:

Will Maryland Legalize Recreational Marijuana in 2022?

Marijuana has been legalized in Maryland. Adult use recreational in MD should go inline in 2022. If not, then almost certainly before the end of 2023.

Can I buy CBD oil products online in Maryland?

Yes! You can get your hands on some hemp-derived CBD products is to purchase them online. It’s fast. It’s easy. And you can have them delivered right to your doorstep, saving yourself a trip.

And for those with furry friends, many local and online shops are now selling CBD oil products formulated especially for dogs and cats and other pets.

What hemp CBD products are available?

A variety of hemp-derived CBD products and delivery methods are now legally available in Maryland. These include:

Where can I buy CBD oil in Maryland?

To put a wrap on this, let’s talk about where you can get your hands on some CBD oil of your own.

First, if you’re okay with the hemp CBD you can order hemp CBD oil online and have it shipped right to your home. You’ll also find a huge variety of CBD edibles, vape oils, topicals, and so on on the interwebs. Keep in mind that, even though it’s not against the law, most online stores, and even some local brick and mortar stores will not sell hemp CBD to you if you’re under 18 years of age. Sorry.

If you’re 18 or over, and you’ve received the blessing of a state-certified medical marijuana doc, then you can buy both hemp CBD oil and cannabis oil at your local Maryland medical marijuana dispensary.

Technically, edibles are not allowed under the state’s medical marijuana regulations, so you won’t find any pot brownies or gummies at your local dispensary, however, it you’re not into smoking bud you’ve still got options such as tinctures, vapes, capsules, tablets, powders, beverages, topicals and so on.

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