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Cannabis, weed, pot. These words inspire fear in some, love in many, and a distinct “what?” if you’re talking to your elderly aunt. For a very long time it was used legally, and for a small fraction of those years, including now, it is recreationally illegal (but decriminalized) in Nevada & California. For those of us using it legally, we have waded through anti-pot campaigns, stoner movies, and a slew of general misconceptions. 

Recently, things have started to take a turn for the better, in my humble opinion. The United States has started to embrace the fact that the health effects of legal cannabis could possibly be a good thing. I wanted to go into one topic that fascinates me: CBD and its plethora of good health effects. I even convinced my grandmother (who is on the top of the list of people against marijuana) to legally obtain some for her chronic pain. 

One of the world’s leading vaporizer sellers, TVape, recently conducted a survey of cannabis CBD consumption trends during COVID-19. Overwhelmingly, people were consuming more cannabis during the quarantine, as morning and afternoon consumption doubled. But interestingly, more and more people were switching over to vaporization as their way to combat the health effects caused by the combustion of the plant material. 

Vaporizer use went up roughly 30% and smoking took a dive of almost 50%. When asked why, the majority of responses were for health related reasons. It just makes sense – if you’re consuming more, you’re going to look for a way to mitigate the health risks.

Vaporizers are less harmful than smoking for a variety of reasons, the biggest one being the chemicals released when you light cannabis (or literally anything, for that matter) on fire. But vaporizers can be an effective

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