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There are some weed and alcohol companies that really want us to drink weed, and for some, we are here for it — if they are delicious, well-crafted, and potent enough to write home about, that is. And while smoking and vaping are not going anywhere, people may be considering swapping beer for bud at the bar entirely.

The cannabis-infused beverage market is on a steady rise. This 2019 report by global food and drink firm Zenith Global predicts it to reach $1.4 billion by 2024. While the market has a long way to go to reach that coveted “B” word in sales, these cannabis-infused drinks, responsible for $89 million worth of sales in 2018, may make an impact.

Here are eight cannabidiol (CBD) and THC-infused beverages worth throwing back.

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Hi-Fi Hops, a cannabinoid-infused sparkling water by Northern California-based Lagunitas Brewing Co., comes in two dosage sizes, 10 milligrams THC, as well as 1:1 with 5 milligrams THC and 5 milligrams CBD. (Photo courtesy of Lagunitas Brewing Co.)

Zero calories, zero carbs, zero alcohol? All huge draws for anyone looking to try a weed-infused drink. This cannabis “brew” (read: sparkling water) from Lagunitas, a beloved Northern California brewery founded in 1993, is as delicious as it is innovative, receiving a wave of press as the first cannabis “beer” of its kind on the market. 

You can find it in dispensaries in California, but the company says it hopes to enter more markets soon. Its flavor profile will echo notes of, “tropical, citrus, floral & fruitiness, slight passionfruit and mango cream.” Its

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