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Three new cannabis businesses cleared the first hurdle of the permit process Thursday with approvals from the Nevada City Planning Commission.

Two of those — Powerhouse Distribution and ZYFA Inc. — join the businesses already working to open on a “cannabis campus” in the 100 block of New Mohawk Road.

Most of the cannabis businesses that have been approved to operate in Nevada City are concentrated in that location wand on Searls Avenue and Lower Grass Valley Avenue.

The lone exception is Full Bloom, which was OK’d Thursday to operate in what was the guard shack at the Nevada City Tech Center on Providence Mine Road. Full Bloom is a brokerage that will not sell, manufacture or physically distribute cannabis. Owner Kenneth Armstrong describes the space as essentially clerical, a one-man operation from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where he will take care of his book-keeping. All sales will be conducted by phone or during in-person visits to clients, he said in his application.

According to Armstrong, Full Bloom currently operates a large extraction manufacturing warehouse in Oakland.

“We will be manufacturing, selling and distributing there,” he said.

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Armstrong said Oakland has been very proactive in supporting the cannabis industry, calling it a “hub” for the whole state.

So why open an office in Nevada City?

“I love living here, that’s the main reason,” Armstrong said. “And I wanted to get a foot in the door. It’s the start of what we might do in the future.”

On the potential horizon for Full Bloom is another permit application for extraction manufacturing, he said.

Because of those future plans, Armstrong said, he was more than happy to satisfy all the conditions for a cannabis business permit.

“I’d rather be transparent and do my due diligence,”

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LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MJ Holdings Inc. (OTC: MJNE) (“MJNE” or “Company”), a fast growing Nevada cannabis company is being featured at the first ever cannabis conference in the state of Utah. MJ Holdings CEO Paris Balaouras will speak at the conference along with many other top cannabis executives.“As a Nevada based company, we are pleased with the progress that our neighbors to the east have made toward making medical marijuana available to those who might benefit from it,” MJNE CEO Paris Balaouras stated. Mr. Balaouras went on to say, “We are excited about the opportunities for MJ Holdings and the additional treatment options for patients in Utah”.The Utah Medical Cannabis Act is on the November 6th ballot as Proposition 2 and both proponents and opponents of the legalization of marijuana in Utah have recently banded together to craft a legislative bill that would be acceptable to all.UTAH CANN is being held on October 19th and 20th at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy Utah. Mr. Balaouras will be presenting on Saturday, October 20th at 4:30PM on the topic of Investing in the Cannabis Industry.About MJ Holdings, Inc.MJ Holdings Inc. (OTC:MJNE) is a diversified holding company providing management and consulting  services to the regulated cannabis industry. Through our subsidiaries we provide cultivation and production management services and infrastructure development.  Our cultivation operations include Nevada cultivation facility, as well as a fully licensed indoor agritourism facility located in the city of Las Vegas known as the Highland Show-Grow.  We are also active in identifying and acquiring revenue producing assets and licenses within legalized cannabis markets internationally.Safe HarborThe information provided in this press release may include forward-looking statements relating to future events or the future financial performance of the Company. Because such statements are subject to risks

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by Kelsey Penrose

A new medical marijuana indoor grow facility is in its final stages of planning, and if it is approved, would be built at 5700 Morgan Mill Road in East Carson City.

Indoor Garden Farms, LLC, has applied for a Special Use Permit from the Carson City Planning Commission to construct a building used to cultivate and produce marijuana for the State of Nevada.

Per the ordinance passed by Carson City in July 2014, marijuana establishments are allowed in designated zoning districts and areas in Carson City with approval of a Special Use Permit and subject to specific city requirements. Separate Special Use Permits are required for the cultivation and production aspects of the establishment.

The area proposed is in an area with no residential zoning, and located outside of the priority infill development area.

The existing site is a one-acre parcel, zoned general industrial. The project proposes to construct a 10,380 square foot warehouse on the property, which will be used for manufacturing, warehouse use, and approximately 300 square feet of office space.

The business is expected to employ between 5-10 people.

“The proposed development will ensure vitality of existing retail centers (dispensaries), and encourage further development of regional retail centers (dispensaries), by providing goods at a whole sale price,” said permit applicant and owner of Indoor Garden Farms, LLC, Rick DeCarlo.

The facility’s security plan includes the following:

— Security fencing

— Security gate with Knox box

— Surveillance equipment that meets NRS requirements for medical marijuana establishments

— Alarm system

— No exterior signage indicating the type of business

— Generator backup in event of power outage

— Secure storage safe room

According to the Planning Commission’s report, “To mitigate concerns of medical marijuana odor from the production facility, the applicant

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Arizona’s booming medical cannabis market has caught the eye of yet another outside investor, this one from California. This month, Los Angeles cannabis company MedMen acquired Monarch Wellness Center dispensary in Scottsdale as well as its 20,000-square-foot cultivation center in Mesa.

MedMen has focused on markets in California, where it operates eight dispensaries between L.A. and San Diego; Nevada, where it’ll soon open its third dispensary; and New York, where it operates four dispensaries, according to CEO and co-founder Adam Bierman.

“We have a leading presence in those primary markets and we are now ready to expand our reach,” Bierman said in a prepared statement. He added that Arizona’s robust medical marijuana program and proximity to California and Nevada, where their brand is already strong, “makes this a great fit.”

MedMen will also acquire co-manufacturing agreements with Kiva Confections, a California-based “chocolatier” cannabis company; Arizona-based Huxton USA, which sells pre-rolls, bud, and vapes; and Mirth Provisions, which sells cannabis-infused beverages out of Washington.

Monarch has been a mainstay in Scottsdale since opening its doors in 2013 as the city’s first dispensary. Since then, it’s raked in more than $10 million in revenue. MedMen agreed to pay 80 percent of the price for Monarch in stock options and 20 percent in cash.

That price has yet to be disclosed. Chelsea Johnson, former Monarch owner, declined to comment on the details of the deal. Typically, such acquisitions don’t involve a sale of the state dispensary license, which is nontransferable, but rather a negotiated contract deal in which the new company controls the license and nonprofit boards.

“Our anticipation is that markets like Arizona … that have medical marijuana programs will actually legalize adult use, as the political momentum is building in this country,” said Daniel Yi, MedMen’s vice president of corporate communication. “We

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In the years since marijuana was legalized in four states out west, car crashes in those states rose faster than those in neighboring states that haven’t legalized weed.

Two new studies released Thursday show that both police-reported car crashes and accident-related insurance claims jumped in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington after marijuana legalization. Those four states were compared with their neighbors Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, which all still prohibit marijuana.

The studies were done by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute, and found that police-reported car crashes rose 5.2 percent and insurance claims for car accidents rose 6 percent in those four legal states, respectively.

The studies raise as many questions as they answer as New Jersey moves closer to a vote on legalization, experts say.

Many people in New Jersey have questioned whether legal weed would make the state’s dense network of roads less safe, as lawmakers continue debating legalization.

Despite showing an increase in crashes after legalization, the studies were unable to show that the presence of legal marijuana was a factor in the jump in accidents.

“We can’t directly conclude cause and effect here,” said Russ Rader, spokesman for the IIHS and HLDI, which conducted the studies. “We don’t know how many drivers in crashes in these states actually consumed (marijuana).”

Jolene Forman, a staff attorney at the Drug Policy Alliance, said, “this report doesn’t really tell us anything about marijuana.”

But the president of the IIHS and HLDI said that states legalizing marijuana appears to make roads more dangerous.

“The new IIHS-HLDI research on marijuana and crashes indicates that legalizing marijuana for all

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By Posted on October 19, 2018

Flower One Holdings Inc. (CNSX:FONE) has not had the best of the receptions ever since it went public. The stock price tumbling from highs of $1.55 level to lows of $1.10 came as a surprise. However, the stock has since bounced back, and as it stands, the upward momentum appears to be gaining momentum at the backdrop of improving fundamentals.

Flower One Holdings Price Analysis

For starters, the company is in the process of acquiring a Nevada cannabis cultivator for $27.2 million. The raising of CA$57 million ahead of CSE listing is another development that attests to the company’s cash balance, ideal for pursuing opportunities in the cannabis sector.

While the underlying fundamentals look positive, the stock remains engulfed in a steep downtrend. After a recent plunge lower, the stock appears to have found strong support at the $1.1 level. A break of the support level could leave the stock susceptible to further declines on a continuation of the bear trend.

After bouncing back from recent lows, the stock looks set to continue climbing high on stabilizing above the $1.30 level. Above the $1.30 level, the stock should make a run for the $1.50 mark, seen as the immediate resistance level

About Flower One Holdings

Flower One Cannabis is a publicly traded company that is plotting to become the leading cannabis cultivator and producer in Nevada. The company is engaged in the cultivation of cannabis at scale. It also engages in the business of packaging cannabis products for distribution.

What We Know About Flower One Holdings

Flower One Holdings is an emerging cannabis play. The company boasts of a 455,000 square foot facility made up of 400,000 square foot

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A new report has found that Nevada is one of several states where vehicle crashes are up because of legalized recreational marijuana.

The report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute also had similar findings for Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. 

13 Action News spoke with Crime and Safety Expert, retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Randy Sutton about the report. 

“There is without a shadow of a doubt more impaired drivers on the road because of this law than there was before,” said Sutton.

He also said he believes that is likely to raise insurance rates for everyone in Nevada. 

The study compared numbers between Nevada and those three states with another four — Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Sutton said technology hasn’t caught up with legal pot use. With alcohol, tests can measure blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer, but can’t yet determine how much marijuana impairs drivers and for how long.

“Marijuana is a different story,” said Sutton. “Tests to determine someone’s impairment are more guesswork than they are science.” 

Other states where marijuana is either decriminalized or allowed for medical use were not included in the study. Medical marijuana is legal in 30 states. 

Pot stays in the body longer than alcohol. Sutton also points out that pot smokers often drink while they smoke creating a mix of mind-altering substances.

“People want to have their freedoms, they want to be able to get high,” Sutton said. “There’s going to be a price to pay.”

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As a yoga teacher, I can affirm that cannabis enhances sensation, releases tension and stimulates blood flow within the body. These effects are why yoga and mindful movement pairs so nicely with cannabis. They’re also why cannabis can heighten your sexual experience. More research needs to be done, but all signs indicate that the secret to having more more frequent and more satisfying sex lies in cannabis.

Below, Nevada’s best oil-based infused lubes are the star of the show. But before the fireworks explode, remember that oil-based intimacy products can cause latex condoms to be prone to deterioration. The vulva and vagina are made of thin, delicate skin tissue that allows for absorption of ingredients, but may also be prone to irritation. Take precautions if you have sensitive skin or are non-monogamous.

Intimate Massage Oil by Evergreen Organix (Courtesy of Evergreen Organix)

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The carefully crafted and hand-made topicals made by one of Nevada’s best edibles company, Evergreen Organix, range from lip balms to sunscreen, as well as products blended specifically for intimacy and massage.

Their Intimate Massage Oil was developed specifically for the female experience and is safe to apply inside the vagina and anus. The ingredients of this pure, hypoallergenic product are intentionally simple: organic, fractionated coconut oil and 100mg of THC. Those with allergies to sunflower or soybean oils can rest easy, because this product is completely free of additional oils.

The cannabinoids will provide the enhancement and increased stimulation to the nerves and blood vessels, and the coconut oil delivers gentle, moisturizing benefits with natural antioxidants and quick absorption. Although it is being sold as a sensual oil, you can apply it anywhere your skin needs some TLC.

View NuWu’s Menu Lavender Vanilla Massage Oil by Evergreen Organix (Courtesy of Evergreen Organix)


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A new study says car crashes are up in the first four states that legalized recreational marijuana. 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute says crashes have increased by as much as 6% in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington since they legalized recreational marijuana. 

Recreational marijuana is now legal in 9 states and Washington D.C. and medical marijuana is legal in as many as 30 states. 

Researchers looked at crashes from 2012 when recreational use was first legal in Colorado and Washington thru 2017 when retail sales began here in Nevada. 

The study admits that increased crash statistics can’t be tied directly to marijuana, but crashes are higher compared to where marijuana is still illegal. 

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Milford-based Sira Naturals and four other U.S. companies are being acquired by a Canadian cannabis acquisition firm.

Sira Naturals and the other companies with operations in Nevada and Colorado will create an “anchor portfolio” for Cannabis Strategies Acquisition Corp. (CSAC), a Toronto-based special purpose acquisition corporation that went public last December.

Sira joins Nevada firms Washoe Wellness, The Canopy NV, LivFree Wellness and CannaPunch of Nevada in joining the Canadian public weed market.

In total, CSAC is paying $76 million in U.S. money to acquire the five firms and is issuing about 7.6 million Class B shares and $43.7 million in promissory notes.

The announcement did not indicate when the transaction would close.

Sira could be the most profitable business acquired by CSAC, as its target revenue for 2019 is about $90 million, more than double the target revenue for the second-highest projected earner of the group.

In total, CSAC is expecting revenues of at least $383 million from the businesses in 2019.

In its press release, CSAC called Sira a “best-in-class operator” in Massachusetts. The transaction was announced on the same day that cannabis became legal for recreational sales and use in Canada.

Oooh Canada..the home of legal cannabis. Congratulations to our neighbors to the north on becoming the first G7 Country to legalize recreational cannabis sales nationwide!

— Sira Naturals (@SiraNaturals) October 17, 2018

Sira was the first Massachusetts company to be awarded an adult-use cultivation license and also holds provisional licenses for the manufacturing and transportation of goods. The company is also seeking recreational retail licenses for dispensaries at its currently-medical-only sites in Cambridge, Somerville and Needham.

Sira Naturals CEO Michael Dundas deferred comment to CSAC CEO Jonathan Sandelman. He could not immediately be reached for comment.

According to CSAC, Sandelman is a 30-year veteran

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