Carson City's Miles Construction: Building the Future of Cannabis, while Preserving Nevada's Past – Carson Now

by Kelsey Penrose

Carson City’s own Miles Construction has set itself apart in its field of being at the forefront of Nevada’s future industries, as well as preserving the buildings with historic significance to our community.

Miles Construction has been around since 1986, and recently has been behind many of the projects making the news time and again for both innovation and preservation.

In a way, Miles Construction has been “building” the cannabis industry, and now, as an offshoot, the hemp industry.

Vice President and Senior Project Manager Cary Richardson became involved in the industry seven years ago, and saw it as an entrepreneurial opportunity with the end of prohibition on the horizon.

“Cannabis, and horticulture in general, is nothing more than advanced manufacturing,” said Richardson. “There’s a learning curve to it, but once you become the expert in your field you set yourself aside from the pack.”

Richardson made sure to become an expert, and now Miles Construction is leading the charge for building cannabis manufacturing plants throughout the entire state and beyond.

To date, they’ve completed nine horticulture manufacturing projects related to the cannabis industry, from cultivation (farming and greenhouses) to production (extraction and manufacturing) to consumers (dispensaries).

And now with the new Farm Bill being passed at the federal level, the doors have been opened for the cultivation of hemp, a relative of cannabis who until 1937 was grown for its uses in construction, textiles, medicine, and more.

Advanced manufacturing projects in general is what Richardson finds compelling in his industry, but there’s something unique about the cannabis industry that keeps them going back.

“It’s an incredibly unique time,” said Richardson. “With the end of prohibition, there’s been a paradigm shift while at the same time there is still this lingering, illegal aspect

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