Cannabis will be legal Jan. 1. How will Illinois employers handle the change? – Herald & Review

“Right now, we are working on what to do,” said Dave Tyrolt, president and CEO of Dunn Co., a Decatur asphalt company that dates to the 1940s. “We are keeping our ear to the ground.”

Left untouched is an existing state law that bans discrimination of a worker if he or she uses legal drugs off the job.

The result: Employers will be left to decide on their own how to address the legalization. Some may change pre-employment drug screening, but keep in place rules that require testing if someone is hurt or injured on the job.

Others may retain tight zero-tolerance regulations. Contractors that do business with government agencies, for example, have to follow the Drug-Free Workplace Act approved in 1998.

Less obvious questions include whether employers will ban possession of the product in the workplace.

Illinois will become the 11th state to allow adult-use cannabis on Jan. 1. 

Mark Busch, Northwest Herald

How that translates to other Decatur-area businesses also is unclear. Numerous business officials contacted for this story asked that they not be quoted or didn’t return calls for comment.

Mirinda Rothrock, president of the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce, said the organization wasn’t yet able to discuss the effects on businesses because the law just passed.

“We are looking at other states and communities on how they have addressed the legalization of marijuana when it comes to business and their employees,” Rothrock said. “We plan to help educate our members once we become more familiar with the regulations.”

Concerns about health, workplace

Illinois is the 11th state to legalize recreational use of the drug, a policy that Pritzker fashioned into a major campaign

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