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Cann, a Los Angeles-based startup that has gone viral for its alcohol-free cannabis-infused social tonics, has announced that it has secured investment from a star-studded list of celebrities, among them Rebel Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Darren Criss and Tove Lo. Described by Paltrow as riding on two major trending movements – “sober curious” and “cannabis curious” – the brand hopes to continue expanding its better-for-you beverage offerings into new markets. 

The group of famous actors, musicians and athletes backing Cann include Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Darren Criss, Baron Davis, Tove Lo, Casey Neistat, and Bre-Z, revealed Cann last Friday (October 29). For all of Cann’s latest celebrity backers, their investment marks the first major venture into the cannabis space, said the company. 

The Los Angeles-based startup, who have made headlines for its vegan cannabis-infused beverages, has sold over 2 million cans since its inception in 2019 and says that quarter-on-quarter sales growth has continuously doubled in 2020. Cann’s drinks, formulated with a controlled microdose of 2-milligrams of THC and 4-milligrams of CBD, are designed to deliver the same buzz that traditional alcohol offers but without its associated health impacts. 

For Paltrow, actress and founder of cult favourite wellness and lifestyle platform Goop, Cann’s rise is unsurprising given changing consumer tastes. 

“Cann sits at the intersection of two powerful trends we’ve been monitoring at goop for some time: the ‘sober curious’ and ‘cannabis curious’ movements,” she said. “There’s no reason why alcohol should be so much easier to purchase than Cann, and I’m confident the founders will lead the charge in finding ways to integrate it into the same purchasing channels and drinking environments.”

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