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AUTHOR: Heather Allman


Cannabis Sustainability: SCOPE and SOLUTIONS


Over two years ago, Nora Mounce of Hello MD penned Beyond Organic: How to Shop for Sustainable Cannabis:

Cannabis can’t be certified organic, but there are third-party labels to help you pick marijuana grown safely and sustainably.

For cannabis-friendly environmentalists, it makes sense that we celebrate Earth Day just after 420. In fact, the annual celebrations, both dedicated to green living, seem to sync up more and more each year. With respect to green farmers of all stripes, here are some tips for sourcing eco-friendly cannabis this Earth Day and every day.

Cannabis Can’t Be Officially Called Organic

“For better or worse, you won’t see organic cannabis at your dispensary or offered by your delivery service any time soon. While many of California’s cultivators practice organic- style farming, the federal government holds the trademark on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Certified Organic designation. This prevents anyone from slapping an organic label on cannabis, until prohibition is lifted nationwide—and who knows when that will happen.

“Consumers want organic; they want GMO-free; they want products produced from sustainable farming methods,” says Rick Bakas, a wine industry marketing professional. Also an advocate for medical marijuana, Rick believes that success in the legal cannabis industry will hinge on sustainability practices. Yet, in order to market a business’s commitment to consumer safety and environmental integrity, these values need to be communicated—but how?”

Marijuana Sustainability Certifications to Look For

“Over the years, the media has repeatedly characterized cannabis cultivation as either energy-sucking indoor grows or backwoods farms that unleash rodenticides on wildlife. Like any industry, there are good and bad actors. But in

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