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With tougher comparisons to a year ago in most cases, growth was generally weak across the markets covered by BDSA in May. Recall that a year ago, cannabis demand surged. In almost all of the markets covered, sales slipped sequentially from April despite one extra day (which wasn’t 4/20!), with growth from a year ago slowing as well. In this review, we will look at the markets one-by-one, beginning with the more mature Western markets and then concluding with the newer Eastern markets.

Western Markets

BDSA provides coverage for Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. In April, growth ranged from 2.5% in Oregon to 49.9% in Nevada compared to a year ago.


Arizona transitioned to adult-use in late January, but this is the second month that BDSA included adult-use sales. Total cannabis sales grew 32% to $122.9 million, with adult-use representing $53.9 million. Medical cannabis sales fell 26% to $69 million. Sequentially, overall growth fell 1.6%, with medical falling 4% and adult-use increasing 2%. Growth was strong across all categories, but the highest growth by far was in pre-rolls, which gained 157%.


Annual sales grew 20.6% to $349.6 million, down 2% from the record level in April. Growth in most categories was 16-19%, with pre-rolls growing 57.8% from a year ago, reaching almost 13% of overall sales.


The mature market of Colorado, which has shown vigorous growth over the past year, hit a wall, with sales of $201.1 million growing only 3.8% from a year ago as they declined 0.8% from April levels. Flower declined 9%, while pre-rolls grew 32%. Ingestibles grew 32%, while concentrates expanded by 13%.


Facing a relatively easy comparison, sales in Nevada grew 49.9% to $87.4 million, slipping 0.5% from

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