Cannabis Sales Growth Slowed Down Again in February – New Cannabis Ventures

Following a substantial slowing in year-over-year growth across 8 markets that BDSA covers in November, cannabis sales growth had reaccelerated in December and January. During February, according to BDSA, year-over-year growth was slower than in November. February sales fell from January levels in all markets, but the three fewer days accounted for most of the sequential declines across the states. In this review, we will look at the markets one-by-one, beginning with the more mature Western markets and then concluding with the newer Eastern markets.

Western Markets

BDSA provides coverage for Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. In January, growth ranged from 4% in Arizona to 28% in Oregon compared to a year ago.


Arizona transitioned to adult-use in late January, and BDSA is projecting only medical sales, which fell 17.6% from January to $72.3 million and grew only 4% from a year ago. Annual growth in January had declined to 23.9% from 30.3% in December, which was up from 28.4% in November. Flower sales grew 12%, while pre-roll sales expanded 31%. Concentrates and ingestibles fell from a year ago by 3% and 10%, respectively.


Sales of $287 million fell 8.3% sequentially and expanded 16.9% from a year ago, the slowest rate of growth since June. Over the prior six months, growth had averaged more than 25%.  Despite the slowing this past month, year-over-year growth was more than double the rate a year ago. Flower, which represented 39% of sales, expanded 27.6%, with pre-rolls growing 26.4%. Concentrates (+9.3%) and ingestibles (+7.2%) grew at slower rates than the overall market.


Perhaps impacted by the pandemic, sales of $167.2 million fell 11.9% sequentially as they expanded by 18.4% compared to a year ago.  This was the lowest

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