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The global packaging market for cannabis products is expected to surpass $20.4 billion by 2025, according to a new report from Zion Market Research. Steve Everly, brand director of WestPack and The Cannabis Packaging Summit, Informa Markets offers tips to create effective cannabis packaging, navigate changing rules, and avoid costly recalls. Text has been lightly edited by Julie Weed.

Capture Your Intended Audience’s Attention

Packaging plays a foundational role in reassuring consumers that they are purchasing a legitimate, legal, and safe product, by imparting a consumer experience of familiarity, luxury, and simplicity. Stand-up pre-made pouches for example, have been winning in the cannabis edible market. They are a recognizable packaging format with a premium look and feel, they offer a good amount of surface area for labeling and branding, and they give the product a small-batch feeling that attracts modern consumers.

Be mindful of design choices that inadvertently appeal to children. Bright, eye-catching graphics, cartoons, and use of words like “candy” and “cookies” may make sense from a marketing perspective but run the risk of attracting the attention of children (and regulators.) A minimal, yet sophisticated and timeless design will position the product well and save time and redesign expenses as consumer preferences evolve.

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Make Sure It’s Fresh and Potent

For flower specifically, when exposed to the elements (especially oxygen), the shelf life and potency of the product are degraded. One way to ensure product stays fresher longer is to use a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solution called nitrogen gas flush as part of the packaging process. This technology pumps harmless nitrogen gas inside packages before they are sealed shut. The nitrogen gas displaces the oxygen, delaying oxidation and spoilage.

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