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It’s been a big week in the cannabis world, as several states looked forward to referendums in November and the hemp industry took on the DEA. Let’s see what happened.

Hemp industry challenges DEA’s regulatory overreach

According to a statement released by The Hemp Industries Association and a South Carolina-based hemp company, RE Botanicals, a new federal action was filed which, according to the two groups, is “aimed at clarifying the scope of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill. This is the second federal action taken by the plaintiffs, who last month filed a petition for review of the DEA’s August 21 interim final rule (IFR) in a federal appeals court.”

Can cannabis help with OCD?

A new study in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that cannabis use is associated with reduced symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). According to the authors, “[u]sing a large dataset of medical cannabis users self-medicating for symptoms of OCD, we found that for the vast majority of cannabis use sessions individuals reported reductions in intrusions [unwanted thoughts or impulses], compulsions, and anxiety. … [R]esults indicated that after inhaling cannabis, ratings of intrusions were reduced by 49 percent, compulsions by 60 percent, and anxiety by 52 percent.” 

Minorities for Medical Marijuana goes to Nevada

To better serve group members, consumers, and minority business owners in areas such as Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, M4MM announced in a recent statement the expansion its presence to the west coast. The group appointed Nicole Buffong as their Nevada State Director. 

“The cost of doing business in Nevada is affordable and also allows the organization to concentrate on states who have a more mature cannabis medical and adult use market. Our promise to provide education to consumers, break down social justice barriers, and uphold and uplift minority owned

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