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Recreational cannabis has been legal in Nevada since January 1st, 2017. It was the fifth state in the nation to allow adult-use cannabis. Now, four and a half years later, the state will also allow cannabis consumption lounges to open up.

The Cannabis Compliance Board, created in 2019, oversees licensing for marijuana-related businesses in the state. Assembly Bill 341 creates two new licensing categories that allow for cannabis lounges. One is for bar-style situations, where you could go to the lounge, purchase some pot, and spark up right there. Another is more like a retail store where you can also consume cannabis. Those should be open sometime in October.

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Sale of marijuana products at cannabis consumption lounges must be single-use or ready-to-consume. That means they wouldn’t be able to sell a larger portion of flower, but could sell a pre-rolled joint. The store would have to get those single-use products from a licensed retail store if the company that owns the lounge is not licensed to cultivate cannabis. The final rules are still being worked out.

The bill also fights for social equity in the creation of those lounges. The first half of all licenses must be given to social equity applicants, who will also have a reduced application fee. The bill defines that as, “An applicant that has been adversely affected by previous laws that criminalized activity relating to cannabis.”

It continues,

“Section 12 of this bill requires the Board to adopt regulations establishing criteria of merit and scoring guidelines to be used in evaluating applications for an adult-use cannabis establishment license for a retail cannabis consumption lounge or an independent cannabis consumption lounge.”

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Until now, there had been arguments that Nevada

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