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Nevada cannabis regulators have extended the expiration dates for industry employment identification cards as they try and catch up with a backlog, the Reno Gazette Journal reports. Expiration dates for permanent cards have been extended for 90 days and temporary cards through January 31.

Despite the backlog and subsequent extension, some businesses are being fined by the Cannabis Compliance Board over expired worker permits. Last month, the agency levied a $90,000 fine on Nevada Medical Group after inspectors discovered that six employees were working under expired cards. The company could also lose its license over the expired IDs.

Officials say the backlog is due to the pandemic, a delay in federal background checks, and an influx of applications as workers try to get cards under the old system, which costs $75 for a license that lasts for a year. In July, the agency changed it to a two-year, $150 license.

The board has been sending temporary cards as PDFs, originally good for about 45 days until the recent extension. The agency is receiving about 60 ID applications per day.

Tyler Klimas, executive director of the board, explained that the agency is not fining people with expired cards if they have submitted an application since their card’s expiration and that the board would hold inspectors accountable if they are imposing unnecessary fines amid the backlog. He indicated about 2,900 industry workers are currently using temporary cards and there are about 10,000 to 12,000 active cards in the state.

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TG Branfalt

TG is a news writer and host of the Ganjapreneur podcast based in upstate New York, where he also teaches media studies at a local university.

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