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A new draft law currently on the desk of the Ministry of Development and Investment is likely to change the equation in not only Greece itself on the cannabis question, but the rest of Europe.

Greece is a fascinating development in the entire discussion of cannabis reform. The country has moved, quietly, along with the discussion as reform has come to Europe. The industry, of course, represents an absolute boon for a country hit twice in the last 15 years with “once in a century” economic wallops. First the banking meltdown in 2008, and now Covid. Tourism plays a huge role in the overall economic health of the country. According to the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), pre Covid, the sector, pre-Pandemic, was responsible for a whopping 6.8% of the economy.

For this reason, anything that can bring economic development to the country is already attractive. Cannabis is now squarely in the gunsights of the government to do just that—unlike any other place in Europe right now.

Here is why. A fully legitimate medical industry means that the country can finally participate in a high value revolution, even by taking the first medical step. Even if all the new players circling Greece can do in the next few years is get EU GMP certified crops underway, the impact on the entire European cannabis conversation will be massive. It is a new source of flower for starters. And then of, course, there is the extraction conversation.

Medical Cannabis Vacay in Mykonos, Anyone? Book it, Danno!

Beyond the immediate economic incentives now arriving to the country soon, thanks to pro-cannabis economic development mindsets, there is another place where this all gets very interesting.

Greece is a major destination for European tourists already—especially Germans but of course not limited to them. However, in Europe, healthcare crosses borders.

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