Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Nevada Slated to Open As Soon As 2022 –

Las Vegas is about to get a whole lot greener. After approval from the Nevada Interim Finance Committee, funding will be provided for the installment of recreational weed consumption lounges. At the moment, expect these lounges to open next year.

In a state where cannabis storefronts presently see positive impact, it’s almost certain consumption lounges will be a big success. Four years after the legalization of adult-use cannabis, tourists now have another reason to visit Nevada, especially Las Vegas.

“All goes as planned, we’re looking at – at least the first quarter, or the first half of 2022 – not only to see the lounges open, but then also the first part is where we would start to realize that revenue,” Cannabis Compliance Board Executive Director Tyler Klimas told North Nevada Business Weekly.

Cannabis consumption lounges in Nevada will likely resemble bars

Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash

Nevada Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Although cannabis use is legal in Nevada, hotels, casinos, and some apartment buildings don’t permit it. A cannabis lounge in a city like Las Vegas creates a recreational space for both tourists and residents, likely serving much like a bar. So far, 59 weed retailers reportedly express interest in being a part of this new venture.

The report goes on to mention the allocation of a total of $10.9 million for the appointment of 23 new CCB staff members. The two bills which approve and consolidate this funding assign these employees to the regulation of cannabis consumption lounges.

More specifically, the positions filled include compliance and background checks, licensing, and deliberation regarding the installment of consumption lounges in Nevada. Such an ambitious augmentation would not occur without resounding approval from lawmakers, though.

Indeed, it’s likely the projected revenue of $9.2 million won many representatives over. This stream

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