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If you visit Las Vegas or Reno to enjoy the fruits of legal adult use cannabis, you can choose to shop at a large number of well-provisioned dispensaries. But if you want to then use the products you purchased, safely, legally, your options are limited.

By law, cannabis can only be consumed on private property in Nevada. If you know someone in town, and they invite you to their property to use cannabis, cool, but if not, hotel rooms are off limits for cannabis smokers, and many hotels will impose stiff fines for smoking anything in their rooms.  

In Nevada, it is a crime to consume cannabis in a vehicle, moving or parked. Marijuana cannot be consumed in a public place. So Nevada’s coveted tourists are left to sneaking hits of weed in parks, alleys, and in their vehicles, but should Governor Sisolak sign AB341 into law, the measure would establish the broad requirements for licensing cannabis consumption lounges.

The bill has passed both houses of the Nevada Legislature with bipartisan support and now sits on the Governor’s desk.

There was very little language in the 2016 cannabis legalization initiative that addressed where cannabis can and cannot be consumed. The measure made no provision for public consumption of any kind. Advocates and campaign organizers weren’t asked about the issue of legal public consumption venues and didn’t bring it up. Again, under current Nevada law, cannabis must be consumed on private property.

Assemblyman Steve Yeager is a leading voice in the Democratic caucus and chair of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary. Yeager is primary sponsor of AB341, but few know more about the bill than Scot Rutledge.

Rutledge is a partner with Argentum Partners and currently represents the Chamber of Cannabis. He is a

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