Cannabis Compliance Center Salutes Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota as They Legalize Recreational Marijuana – PR Web

Cannabis Compliance Center LLC (“Can-Comply”) salutes Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota as this November they legalized, and will tax, recreational marijuana for adults, joining 11 other states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. In related news, The Gallup Organization announced this week that according to their polling, U.S. public support for legalized marijuana is at a new high of 68%.

As the legal market for marijuana continues to grow, Cannabis Compliance Center stands ready to assist growers and retailers of marijuana in complying with the myriad state laws and regulations that apply to marijuana operations in these states.

“Can-Comply is particularly focusing on assisting the small grower and the small retailer as they work their way through a new and potentially confusing regulatory framework,” said Andres Velez, EVP at Can-Comply. “Can-Comply can help with initial licensing applications, setup and ongoing maintenance of agent ID cards, and establishment of best compliance practices to keep small growers and retailers abreast of State requirements and expectations.”

Cannabis Compliance Center LLC offers specialized compliance solutions for cannabis growers and retailers. More information on Can-Comply can be found at

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