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In this week’s edition: Republican lawmakers introduce House bill to federally legalize cannabis For the first time since 1968, DEA approves new cannabis cultivators for federal research Mississippi Supreme Court strikes down voter-approved medical cannabis initiative and upholds life sentence for person convicted of possession Dentons’ Globalization of Cannabis series continues on May 25 And more… Federal

Republican Lawmakers File Bill to Federally Legalize Cannabis – Reps. David Joyce (R-OH) and Don Young (R-AK) introduced a bill to federally deschedule cannabis, protect banks that serve state-legal cannabis businesses, and provide additional assurance that military veterans may use cannabis in accord with state law.  The Common Sense Reform for Veterans, Small Businesses, and Medical Professionals Act would provide for regulations similar to federal rules for alcohol, which would be developed by the Food and Drug Administration and the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.  The bill does not contain any social justice provisions. The bill will not move in the short term, and no Republican senator has introduced a Senate version of the same bill or issued comments supporting the House measure.

Moderate Senator Susan Collins Signs on to SAFE Banking – Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) signed on to the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, despite her 2015 comment that she would not support an amendment that would allow banks to “essentially finance dealers of recreational marijuana.”  At that time, she supported only state medical cannabis.  Since then, Maine voters have legalized adult-use cannabis.  The SAFE Banking Act currently has 37 Senate cosponsors and the House passed its version of the bill with bipartisan participation last month.  The SAFE Banking bill will likely sit on the back burner in the Senate, where the forthcoming Booker-Wyden-Schumer bill will be the priority.

DEA Licenses Cannabis Cultivators

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