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Being a parent is a wild, magical, exhausting and fulfilling journey. Speaking from personal experience, it’s easy to get swept up in the label of parenthood and forget oneself. And while tending to your tiny flock is a responsibility that should be taken seriously, so should your responsibility to take care of yourself. 

Personal wellness matters. And the desire to maintain yours is nothing to be ashamed of. Being named “mom” or “dad” doesn’t exclude you from enjoying the vast and various benefits of cannabis, especially if it can enhance your life. From enjoying cannabis for health benefits, mental wellness and just plain fun, many parents are a part of the cannabis community. 

Being a parent who enjoys cannabis is unfairly taboo in some circles, which is frustrating, given how broadly accepted and celebrated drinking culture is. However, unlike alcohol, cannabis is a lot easier on the liver, doesn’t give you a hangover, and can be tailored to your specific needs. For me, a smooth Indica strain helps wonderfully with after-work stress and insomnia. For my husband, a light Sativa makes our weekend chore list a lot more manageable. For both of us, hybrids are a great way to amplify date night. 

Receiving the benefits of the cannabis plant isn’t always easy to do as a parent. The cannabis of our youth wasn’t exactly discreet in smell or method, but thankfully, time and technology have changed. From cannabis drinks to CBD mixes and discreet vaping gear, there are a whole lot of ways to reap the wellness rewards of this natural plant that are discreet, scent-free and safely out of reach for little hands. 

As a parent, you may not ever get time to be fully “off the clock,” which is why 7/10 is a great holiday for you. Celebrating

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