CannaBeat: West Memphis Weed, Kroger and CBD, and Smoking a Spliff in Court – Memphis Flyer

West Memphis — The Body and Mind (BaM) dispensary on OK Street in West Memphis is under construction, slated to open later this month.

When it does, the medical cannabis dispensary will be the first to open in the West Memphis area. Body and Mind is a Vancouver-based, publicly traded company investing in cannabis cultivation with a production facility in Nevada. Its products include dried flower, edibles, topicals, extracts, and vape pen cartridges. Body and Mind strains have won the Las Vegas Hempfest Cup 2016, High Times Top Ten, and the NorCal Secret Cup.

click to enlarge Body and Mind/Instagram A 3.5 gram bag of Purple Punch may soon be available to Memphians — uh, West Memphians, that is.

The company will team up with Arkansas’ Comprehensive Care Group to open the West Memphis dispensary. The project will get underway with $1.2 million in start-up costs, according to a news release issued by Body and Mind.

AR Cannabis, Arkansas’ largest marijuana-doctor clinic network, will open a clinic in West Memphis soon. The clinic’s site says it will begin taking patients there on March 31st. The clinic is planned close to the corner of Broadway and Missouri.

West Memphis was a topic of debate during last month’s meeting of the Arkansas Marijuana Commission. Leaders wanted to add another dispensary license to Zone 3 (the West Memphis zone) because no dispensaries had opened yet, according to a report in the Arkansas Times.

Earlier in the meeting, the commission voted to approve an additional license in another zone for the same reason. However, they held back on the West Memphis request, noting that dispensaries there were close to opening their doors.

According to commission documents, Delta Cannabis Co. will open in West Memphis in mid-2020.

Kroger — In recently released business

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