Canna Moms And Dank Dads: The Impact Of Cannabis On Mother's And Father's Day Gifting – Yahoo Finance

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By Liz Connors, Director of Analytics for Headset.

Once a year, children have a chance to really pamper the parents. I’m not talking about candles for mom and a tie for dad. Oh no, kids. You gotta up your game these days.

And in states where cannabis is finally legal, your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts can be lit — literally.

According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day spending this year was expected to reach a record $25 billion and $16 billion, respectively. Data from Headset, a data analytics company in the cannabis industry, shows some of that money was spent on cannabis products.

Yes, even when it is hard to say exactly how much, the lift in cannabis purchases was tangible during both weekend celebrations.

About $46 million was spent on cannabis during Mother’s Day weekend in Washington, Colorado, Nevada and California. In those same states, about $50 million was dropped on Father’s Day weekend.

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When comparing Mother’s Day weekend sales in 2019 to the previous four weekends, Headset saw category and segment increases similar to their Mother’s Day 2018 analysis. The most noticeable increases included:

  • Drops, mixes, elixirs and syrups, up 32 percent
  • Bath salts, soaks and scrubs, up 35 percent
  • Tea, coffee and hot cocoa, up 72 percent
  • Lip balm, up 50 percent
  • Transdermal products, up 40 percent

    Pre-roll sales were up 8 percent when compared to previous weekends, which is also similar to what happened in 2018. This feeds Headset’s theory that maybe people want to unwind from a day with mom or perhaps mom is unwinding from a day with the kids!

    Leading the way for dad were mocktails, resins and cannagars with an 80+ percent increase in sales combined. Other growth areas were:

  • Lip balm, up 79

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