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There is no denying that over the years, even if anecdotally, cannabis has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways of treating many diseases, even potentially strengthening the immune system of a person using it. 


The legalization of cannabis granted widespread access to a highly medicinal plant that was doing for many what traditional medications and prescriptions could not. With a variety of ailments now accepted by most states’ medical marijuana programs, there are an ever-growing number of people qualifying to get a medical marijuana card.  


Because of this widespread legalization in the U.S., nowadays, in most of the states across America such as Nevada dispensaries can be found at every corner. 


So how exactly does cannabis affect the immune system, and for what diseases can it potentially be used as a treatment? Keep reading if you want to find out. 


Cannabis and the Immune System 


While there’s still little research regarding the effect cannabis has on the human immune system, the one that has been done up to date is quite optimistic. 


The main subject of cannabis and immune system research is how cannabis affects people with HIV, which causes AIDS disease. AIDS attacks the person’s immune system, which is why it is suggested that the way in which those people react to cannabis will be how everyone’s body will respond. If people with weak immune systems can use it, others can too. 


A study performed in 2003 by Annals of Internal Medicine, which is one of the academic medical journals, revealed that “Patients receiving cannabinoids had improved immune function compared with those receiving placebo. They also gained about 4 pounds more on average than those patients receiving placebo.” 


This, as well as

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