Can ‘Cannatourism’ Go High-End? These Entrepreneurs Say Yes – Forbes

“Cannabis has finally grown beyond the era of excess,” declared a recent press statement from Cloth & Flame, an Arizona-based corporate and private events company. “It can now be tastefully enjoyed by adults.”

The brand’s director of business development, Tracy McGinnis, expanded on this theme during a recent interview in which she described Cloth & Flame’s new “Verde Series,” which hosts elegant outdoor, cannabis-infused dinners. “We wanted to launch an event that was really one of its kind, in that it was elevated and high-end,” McGinnis said.

“What we saw happening [with the increasing legalization of marijuana] was a lot of people throwing stoner parties, where the goal was just to get people as high as possible.”

So, will Verde’s and other companies’ high-end efforts succeed? Can cannabis escape its persistent image of giggling college kids passing joints around someone’s living room? An increasing number of cannabis tourism and experiential companies are betting the answer is yes. Consider:

Front Row Travels – with (pre-pandemic) trips to Jamaica and South Africa; Higher Way Travel, offering “glamping” tours of California’s Emerald Triangle; and Emerald Tours, advertising “weed and wine” experiences plus visits to cannabis farms.

·     In fact, weed is giving California’s wine country a run for its money in both cultivation and tourism. Wine Spectator’s June 30 cover story examined the competition between cannabis growers and vintners. What the magazine found, executive editor Jeffery Lindenmuth shared in an email, was that the wineries’ reaction to their region’s explosion of cannabis cultivation and tours is “mixed.”’ Some grape growers,” Lindenmuth wrote, “cite limited resources and potential changes to the wine country landscape as problem areas.” Other, “see cannabis as a “complementary crop.”

·     “Consumption lounges” are springing up in the seven or so states legal for them, including – no surprise

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