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Canndescent Brings Its Cannabis Stylus Series to Nevada

MedMen will kick off a month-long distribution exclusive. More retailers to offer Canndescent products starting mid-June.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 16, 2019 — Canndescent, California’s best selling brand of ultra-premium cannabis flower, announced today that it has started to sell its popular cannabis oil concentrate products in Nevada.

Canndescent’s Stylus rechargeable vape pen and ultra-premium oil cartridges are now available in the state, with the Ready-to-Use disposable versions coming soon. The vape pen products can be purchased in the brand’s five signature effects — Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. MedMen has secured a one-month exclusive to distribute Canndescent’s Stylus Series products at all three of its locations. Other Nevada based dispensaries are confirmed to carry the Canndescent Stylus Series after the 30 days.

We are thrilled to bring Canndescent to the Nevada market to ensure our retail partners and customers have access to uncompromising, high-quality cannabis products. The sale of our premium oils has exceeded expectations in California and we are positive that connoisseurs and new customers alike will appreciate the experience our products deliver.

Adrian Sedlin, Canndescent’s CEO

Establishing its pioneering luxury brand in 2015, Canndescent has reimagined the vape category by marrying its commitment to innovation, superior cannabis quality and gorgeous product design. The Stylus, a sleek, sophisticated vape series, establishes the standard for luxury vaping. Using natural terpenes, no artificial additives, and essential oils from Canndescent’s renowned cannabis flower, the Stylus Series allows users to optimize each of the brand’s five signature effects with the perfect temperature setting.

The opportunity in Nevada is vast, with 56 million tourists from around the world visiting popular cities such as Reno, Tahoe and Las Vegas. The latter, already known as a world premiere entertainment destination, is poised

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