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Feb 5. Today the State of California released a revised system for vaccine eligibility. Nevada County Public Health continues to follow the guidelines for vaccine eligibility as defined by the State of California.

We continue to received a very limited supply of vaccine, with an average of 1,850 doses a week. This total includes both first and second doses. Although the state has increased vaccine eligibility, access locally remains dependent of vaccine supply. And that supply from the state remains very limited. With the revisions below, we estimate that there are now 40,000 people who fit in to Phase 1B. This is in addition to the 7,000 in Phase 1A. 

We are working to vaccinate all eligible groups as quickly and safely as possible, with current vaccine supply. Thank you for your patience and for being ready to be vaccinated. 

The state has moved to an age-based framework. There are currently no tiers and only two Phases. The state’s full framework is the image below.

Go to Nevada County’s Vaccine Schedule page for more detail on who is included in each sector.

What is an age-based framework? People age 65+ are eligible, based on available supply. We continue to receive very limited supply of vaccine. Per the state, 75+ is no longer prioritized. What do the phases look like now? Based on available supply, individuals described below are or will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. All populations within Phase 1B are now equally prioritized. Healthcare workers and long-term care facilities (Phase 1A, all tiers) Persons 65 years of age and older (Phase 1B) Sector populations: Education and Childcare, Emergency Services, Food and Agriculture (Phase 1B) Where are the other tiers from the old vaccine schedule? The state has eliminated what was Phase 1B Tier Two and Phase 1C.

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