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by April Corbin Girnus, Nevada Current
August 19, 2021

Nevada expects its first cannabis consumption lounges — and a wide array of weed-adjacent businesses — to open in “the first half” of 2022.

When that happens, it will end a cannabis catch-22 that has existed since Nevada voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2016. Purchasing marijuana is legal in the state but consumption is currently legal only on private properties where it is not prohibited by the owner. That has presented a problem, particularly for the millions of tourists who stay at hotels where smoking weed is prohibited.

Earlier this year, the Nevada Legislature passed Assembly Bill 341 to legalize cannabis consumption lounges and set some initial parameters for the new industry, which will actually encompass far more than just a “pot bar.”

Cannabis Compliance Board Executive Director Tyler Klimas on Wednesday told lawmakers the agency expects to draft and approve public consumption regulations over the next six months, with the hope of accepting applications and approving businesses by “the first quarter, or the first half” of 2022.

According to Klimas, 59 marijuana dispensaries have expressed their intent to apply for a license to open a consumption lounge that is attached or adjacent to their existing business.

But regulators are also preparing for up to 500 applications from standalone businesses that are not currently in the marijuana industry. This could mean a consumption lounge that is simply not attached to a dispensary. But it also would also encompass a restaurant that serves weed-infused dishes, or a yoga studio where smoking is embraced, or an entertainment venue that wants to offer some type of “cannabis experience.”

The CCB believes the majority of businesses applying for cannabis consumption licenses next year will fall under this second group of businesses. Klimas said regulators set the

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