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Everyone thinks of Denver as America’s cannabis capital. But as more states legalize (33 plus Washington, D.C., so far), the Mile High City is looking set to be surpassed. That is, judging by my recent tour of some dispensaries in Las Vegas. Here’s what I learned there …

The Las Vegas ‘Green Light District’

 My tour guide was Jeff Johnson, owner/operator of 420 Tours, and his friend and co-worker Brian. They consider themselves “the sherpas of cannabis.”

Jeff is one of those entrepreneurs who has his finger in many pies. One is his tours. Another is cannabis-themed wedding parties that he gives, complete with toasty party favors.

And yet another business Jeff runs has very little to do with THC. When the agriculture department legalized hemp last year, they also tightened up the rules. Now, farmers can’t sell to just anybody. They have to sell to an industrial hemp handler.

That’s what Jeff is. He puts a team together to cut, trim, test and package hemp that he buys from farmers. This hemp can then be sold to retailers or producers who use it as an input in creams, lotions, topicals and so on.

Anyway, Jeff and Brian showed me around. We started with a place called Blackjack Collective. It used to be out in the “Green Light District,” what Jeff calls the warehouse areas where there are about 20 dispensaries.

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