Bill Will Set a Legal limit On THC For Michigan Drivers –

Safe driving is a must these days with all we have been through with the pandemic.  Not to long ago, I wrote a story on the dangers on distracted driving. It is one of the things we have to be careful not to do, and another one is not to drive when we are impaired from drinking alcohol, or using Marijuana. Not only for hurting yourself, but others as well.

There is a Michigan lawmaker that wants to make it tough on those who drive while high and make sure they are held accountable for doing so according to I guess we really do need to this to make sure we are safe on our Michigan roads. A new bill is proposing to set a legal limit for the amount of THC a driver has in their bloodstream.

Rep. Pamela Hornberger of Macomb County has announced HB 4727, which would set the legal limit of THC a driver can have in their system to 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood. An example is the family of a 3 1/2-year-old named Lily. If this bill would have been in effect already it might have made a difference in receiving justice for the death of their daughter. I cant imagine what this family must be going through.

There are no words, you can’t explain perfection, you can say a million things over and over and over and explain her in a hundred different ways but there is no way to describe who she was,” said Lily’s mother, Joann Salas.

I guess there are laws like this in six states including, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington. The legal limits are between five nanograms of THC in a driver’s bloodstream.

In our state of Michigan there is a zero tolerance policy for driving high or intoxicated. We should all

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