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Possible Catalyst For The Cannabis Sector In September

September is starting to look interesting for the best marijuana stocks to buy right now. In Congress, a recent amendment to a defense bill could produce federal cannabis banking reform for the US market. In detail Rep, Ed Perlmutter is trying to attach the amendment that is almost identical to the SAFE Banking Act. This amendment is being attached to a defense bill that would give it a much better chance of making it through the Senate. – MarijuanaStocks

For the cannabis industry, this could be a huge momentum changer that creates more growth across the US. With the ability to bank regularly and get capital from banks we could see rapid growth for the US market. As new markets are introduced in places like New York and New Jersey the cannabis market continues to expand across the US. In Michigan, adult sales grew by 112% year over year to $125.5 million.

In the US many cannabis companies have reported significant revenue growth for the first half of 2021. This is expected to continue judging from the guidance many of these companies are giving in their outlooks. Unfortunately for investors, this has not translated to market gains. Instead, for more than six months the cannabis sector has seen a steep pullback. But current trading levels could be a good opportunity for investors to find top cannabis stocks at lower levels.

Top Cannabis Stocks Right Now And Best US Pot Stocks

Now after several months of consolidation, there could be a catalyst in the works for the cannabis sector. For investors, it’s important to research cannabis companies before starting a position. Following how a stock performs in the market and looking into financial results can help you gauge the best pot stocks to

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