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Top US Marijuana Stocks In September 2021

This week top marijuana stocks have given back most of the upside established in September.  In a rough week for cannabis investors, many top cannabis stocks have fallen back significantly. Although this is unfortunate for current investors it does present an opportunity for new investors to establish positions at lower price points. In the US leading cannabis companies have continued to deliver substantial revenue growth and strong earnings in 2021. For the most part, this has not impacted the cannabis sector and many of the top pot stocks to buy continue pulling back right now. – MarijuanaStocks

Since the presidential election, the best marijuana stocks to invest in have shown upside in the market when federal cannabis legalization and reform showed progress. Now after nine months of waiting for Congress to act investors are finding value in other areas of the market. But cannabis sales in the US continue to increase as more states legalize cannabis either for medical use or recreational. As the market grows leading cannabis companies are expanding quickly using M&As to build their presence.

While states like New Jersey and New York begin to implement new cannabis laws the industry is flourishing. In fact, many leading US MSOs are reporting revenue increases in the triple-digit percentage range. In the fourth quarter, the cannabis sector needs action from Congress to change directions. Generally, if lawmakers would pass The SAFE Banking Act before the end of the year, we could see some upward momentum from pot stocks.

Making Top Pot Stock Investments In 2021

For investors looking for the best cannabis stocks for your list right now, many top marijuana stocks could hold value. Researching different companies and studying how the stock performs in the market can help you make the

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