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A Detailed Look at Cannabis Sales in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Maryland

We are pleased to share with our readers overviews on five important Western cannabis markets as well as Maryland compiled by BDS Analytics for the month of November. BDS Analytics offers a full understanding of the evolving cannabis market though several offerings, including its GreenEdge Retail Sales Tracking, Consumer Insights, Industry Intelligence and CBD Market Monitor divisions. For those not familiar with the Colorado-based company, which was founded in 2015 and is run by co-founders CEO Roy Bingham and President Liz Stahura, we have been covering their progress since almost day 1.

During November, the third month after the onset of the vaping crisis, sales across the six markets totaled $607.6 million, down 1.8% from October due to seasonal patterns primarily. Sales growth from a year ago among the five Western markets ranged from 7% in California to as high as 39% in Arizona. Concentrates, which represented 23-32% of sales by market (compared to 22-32% in October, 23-33% in September and 26-38% in August), grew more slowly within each market than overall sales grew due to reduced sales of vape pens, which ranged from -17% in Oregon to +24% in Arizona. Compared to October, vape pens experienced negative growth ranging in Colorado and Oregon and positive growth in the other four markets, including California (+2%). It is clear that consumers have shifted from vape pens to flower and pre-rolls as well as ingestibles.

Here is a closer look at each market, as detailed by BDS Analytics:


Sales for Arizona’s medical dispensaries were $67.3 million this past November, a four percent increase from October. Compared to November 2018, sales increased nearly 39 percent. Year-to-date through November, sales have reached $651.1 million, a 21 percent increase

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